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The BEST pictures from Soviet bases in the GDR

Soviet Ghosts in Germany

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North America


  • Green sites can be accessed normally (e.g. museums, open-air exhibitions, public buildings,…)
  • Black sites are inaccessible/not prepared for a normal visit (e.g. private residences, ghost sites,…)
Airbase Monument / Memorial
Air museum Museum
Border (or former border) facility Navy museum
Bunker / Hard artillery position / Shelter Nuclear warheads facility
Cemetery Open-air trenches / Battlefield / Soft artillery position
Detection / Signal relay facility Palace / Headquarter
Intelligence / Repression facility Piece of architecture
Local airport / Base for scenic flights Prison
Military installation / base / grounds Scenic view
Military museum Science museum
Missile base / launch facility Ship

Subjects of interest

  • aircraft collections
  • ghost military bases
  • war museums
  • trenches, forts, battlefields and prisons
  • ships and submarines
  • cities and architecture
  • landscapes and wild nature
  • …more!

SightRaider provides detailed descriptionspractical info for visiting and quick photographic portraits of the highlights of the proposed sites, from somebody who has been on the spot.

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