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In this section you can find a list of interesting personal websites related to unusual travel destinations. Some of this websites are run by people I know, some are not, but I have used these sites to get info for preparing my travels. Listing is in alphabetical order.

Great blog related to abandoned places in and around Berlin, Germany, with a few exceptions. Some professional-level photographs can be found on this site, together with basic practical indications about the considered destinations.

This very nice and up-to-date website shortlists plenty of interesting sites from northern European Countries connected with the Cold War period, from memorials to prisons, bunkers and museums. Links to the websites of local attractions, with reliable practical information from many of them.

Very well-made blog mainly dedicated to former and mostly abandoned WWII sites in Europe. Very well documented in terms of data and pictures, also offering some maps of the places described.

A serious and authoritative resource site about Tito’s ‘spomeniks’ in Yugoslavia. Very detailed history for many of them, interactive map and more. The knowledgeable Author has printed also a photographic book on the matter. Indispensable for planning a trip to these fascinating sites.

An extensive database concerning the order of battle of Soviet Forces. Detailed history of many groups, geographical information on deployment, and even maps in some cases. Very useful for research, albeit often not easy to read.